Implementing the Selection Process
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Implementing the Selection Process is a Half Day Event

The Selection Process is more important than many appreciate, as it is the one chance buyers have to get the best contractors available, to tender for contracts.

The standard Selection Questionnaire (SQ) used in England, Wales and Northern Ireland is based on the European Single Procurement Document and mirrors the old PQQ process, however there are certain aspects that need to be considered.  This half day PASS course looks in depth at setting up the selection process, discusses the issues around project specific questions, considers the evaluation process and gives context to the changes as well as practical advice on how to run the process.

The UK Public Contracts Regulations 2015 brought extensive change to the selection process, with changes to a wide range of requirements including

  • New mandatory exclusions
  • New optional exclusions
  • New financial requirements
  • Changes to technical requirements
  • Evidential requirements

It is essential that contracting authorities understand how to manage these new elements and update their processes for selection stage.Book your place ensure your compliance.

The days of people saying “That’s how we’ve always done it” are over. The rules have changed substantially as have the processes, timescales, procedures and so much more.

Any organisation continuing on the path of repeating old mistakes will find more and more of  their procurements challenged, leading to higher costs, wasted time and energy and potential legal action.

What you will learn on this course is how your selection process should be conducted

  • Don’t repeat past mistakes
  • Help drive compliance within your organisation and become a valuable asset.
  • Enhance your career by saving time & budget and delivering the right result for all organisation departments.
  • Don’t run the risk of your time and resources being wasted if your procurement exercise is halted
  • Learn to understand what you need to improve

This course is essential for

  • Anyone in procurement who undertakes selection
  • Anyone who is commissioning procurement of goods and services
  • Anyone who is contributing expertise to the requirements

Learning Outcomes

What you will learn on this course is how to ensure your selection process is compliant and fit for purpose.  You will learn;

  • A clear and concise understanding of the new requirements
  • How the standard Selection Questionnaire interacts with the selection process
  • The new mandatory exclusions
  • The new optional exclusions
  • The new financial requirements
  • The changes to the technical requirements
  • The correct use of Project Specific Questions

You will be able to;

  • Prepare a compliant selection process which will ultimately enhance your tender exercise
  • Ensure you don’t face a challenge
  • Deliver the right results for your department and your organisation
  • Contribute positively to your organisation’s needs.

Contribute positively to your organisation’s needs.


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Implementing the New Selection Process gives you clear training on how the ESPD has been adopted in England and Wales to create the new Standard Questionnaire (SQ).  You will learn how to use it as the key component of your selection stage. PASS has been collating the most frequently asked questions from buyers and suppliers. We’ve gathered them from our training courses, webinars and networking events. Is your question addressed? Download your copy to find out.



The Selection Stage is important; it’s your opportunity to ensure you have the right suppliers responding and that you are asking the correct questions to ensure you have the widest possible range of suppliers to choose from.  With so many changes to this stage including the rollout of the new Standard Questionnaire (SQ) which incorporates the ESPD download the Guidance to Implementing the new Selection Process find out more.


Legal Case

The Lianakis legal case study will be used in the training for Implementing the New Selection Process.

Familiarise yourself with the issues by downloading prior to attending the course.


Legal Case

The Pressetext legal case study will be used in the training for Implementing the New Selection Process.

Familiarise yourself with the issues by downloading prior to attending the course.


Afternoon Event commencing at 12:45 with a comfort break at 14:15 and ending at 15:45.  All timings are approximate and depend on delegate questions and interaction.

Session 1

1. Overview
  • What is selection about?
  • Overview of the Standard Selection Questionnaire
  • Procedures & Timescales
  • Publication Criteria
2. Lianakis Case Study
3. Exclusions
  • Mandatory
  • Optional

Session 2

1. Selection Criteria
  • Professional and Technical
  • Economic and Financial
2. Means of Proof
3. eCertis
4. Policies & Standards
  • Quality Standards
  • Health & Safety
  • Equalities
5. Project Specific Questions
6. Evaluation
  • Evaluation Matrix
  • Pass/Fail or Score?
7. Q&A
Dates to be announced.