Complying with the Standard Selection Questionnaire
Price: £195 (ex VAT)

Complying with the standard Selection Questionnaire (SQ) – A Half  Day Event

You only get one opportunity to pass the selection stage for a contract; this one day course gives you the knowledge and the tools to enable you to put your company forward at this critically important stage of the bidding process.

Contracting authorities want to ensure that suppliers invited to tender are capable of delivery, compliant with legislation and financially stable.

With changes to the selection process on transparency and financial requirements find out how this can benefit your organisation

The Standard Selection Questionnaire (SQ) is able to be tailored to each procurement exercise; you will need to tailor your responses accordingly.  No longer will you be able to cut and paste from previous submissions and expect your bid to go forward.

Put your company in prime position to be considered for public contracts.

PASS Training is delivered in context and in a non-legalistic way.

And with the PASS Guarantee – if you don’t learn, you don’t pay.

If you have a role where you contribute to or solely complete the standard Selection Questionnaire this half day course will give you all the tools to complete this important document in the right way..

Learn  what contracting authorities are really looking for in a supplier and how the  selection questionnaire and the Public Contracts Regulations give contractors more opportunity than before.

Discover tactics to make informed decisions about whether to bid or not and become your organisation’s expert on bidding for public sector contracts.

Explore how to submit questions to get the answers you need before proceeding and how to challenge if you believe the contracting authority have not been compliant.

Learning Outcomes

You will gain a full understanding of how the selection process works and you will leave with the tools to decide whether to bid for specific contracts.  You will;

  • Understand the difference between mandatory and optional exclusion
  • Learn about the ‘Means of Proof’ that buyers are looking for
  • Have an understanding of the changes to the turnover requirements in relation to bidders
  • Understand the key aspects of the standard Selection Questionnaire
  • Know what changes were made to the selection criteria and how they apply to the Selection process
  • Learn about Project Specific Questions and the impact they could have on your response

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The Selection Stage has changed.  The new Standard Selection Questionnaire (SQ) replaced the old PQQ but you need to know how to complete it compliantly, to pass the first hurdle to winning tenders?

PASS has been collating the most frequently asked questions from buyers and suppliers. We’ve gathered them from our training courses, webinars and networking events. Is your question addressed? Download your copy to find out.


Legal Case

The Lianakis legal case study will be used in the training for Pre-Qualifying for Tenders. Familiarise yourself with the issues by downloading prior to attending the course.


Legal Case

The Pressetext legal case study will be used in the training for Pre-Qualifying for Tenders. Familiarise yourself with the issues by downloading prior to attending the course.


Morning Event commencing at 09:00 with a comfort break at 10:25 and ending at 12:00.  All timings are approximate and depend on delegate questions and interaction.

Session 1

1. Overview
2. Procedures
  • Timescales
3. Bid / No Bid
  • Glass Ceiling
4. Selection Process
  • Lianakis Case Study
5. Standard Selection Questionnaire
6. Mandatory Exclusions

Session 2

1. Optional Exclusions
2. Selection Criteria
  • Professional and Technical
  • Economic and Financial
3. Means of Proof
4. Policies and Standards
5. Project Specific Questions
6. Evaluation
  • Pass/Fail or Scored?
7. Q&A
Dates to be announced.