Understanding the OJEU Proforma
Price: £195 (ex VAT)

Understanding the OJEU Proforma is a Half Day event

The UK Public Contracts Regulations 2015 fundamentally changed the way procurement works.

The old days of posting a notice to the OJEU and then putting together the selection documentation and the tender specification are over.

Now buyers must have all of the documentation ready before the OJEU notice goes out.

The OJEU forms cannot just be typed as “just the same as the last notice”.

With changes to the procedures, timescales, selection and award criteria, scoring regimes and life cycle costing not to mention the very real risk of Contract Modification –  all of these issuesneed to be considered before publishing.

  • 22 forms in total
  • New Mandatory fields
  • 3 different ways to use the PIN notice

If you complete OJEU forms, even as a task within a wider administration role this is an essential course.

If you don’t get your OJEU proformas right first time, you cannot put an addendum out.  You cannot add variants for innovation.  You absolutely must issue the minimum requirements.

  • You cannot make it up as you complete them
  • You must issue your tender documentation at the same time
  • The notice is required to be compliant with the tender specification

Understanding the new OJEU Proformas is ideal for

  • Anyone in your administration team who completes OJEU forms
  • All procurement professionals who need to understand the changes

Anyone who is commissioning procurement and needs an understanding of why it must be correct at this stage book your place.

Learning Outcomes

What you will learn on this course is how your OJEU proformas fit into how your procurement exercises SHOULD  be done.  You will learn:

  • Which forms you should be using and how to make them compliant
  • The changes to the mandatory fields
  • What information you will need from your colleagues or commissioning departments
  • Short cuts and quick fixes to completing the forms compliantly

You will be able to;

  • Complete the OJEU forms quickly and accurately
  • Advise colleagues in advance of the information you will need
  • Issue notices compliantly

Ensure your procurement exercises run smoothly and on time.


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Understanding the new OJEU Proforma Requirements gives you clear training in how to complete the forms to advertise your procurement in the Official Journal of the European Union which is a prescribed step in the process for over-threshold contracts.  PASS has been collating the most frequently asked questions from buyers and suppliers. We’ve gathered them from our training courses, webinars and networking events. Is your question addressed? Download your copy to find out.



The Public Contracts Regulations 2015 and the Public Contracts (Scotland) Regulations 2015 brought many changes to the procurement regime including changes to the OJEU forms and why compliancy is key. Download the Guidance to Understanding the new OJEU Proforma Requirements to find out more.


Half Day Event commencing at 09.15, with a comfort break at 11.00 and ending at 13.00. All timings are approximate and depend on delegate questions and interaction.

Session 1

1. Background
  • EU Directive Recitals
  • Main Features
  • Manner of Publication
  • Invitations to Candidates
  • Setting Time Limits
2. Prior Information Notices
  • Three Uses or Two?
  • Key Changes
3. Contract Notice
  • Procedures and Timescales
  • Exclusion Grounds
  • Selection Criteria
  • Award Criteria

Session 2

1. Contract Notices
  • Harmonization
2. Annexes
  • Corrigendum Notice
  • Modification Notice
  • Modification of Contracts
3. VEAT Notice
4. Contract Award Notice
  • Incomplete Procedure
5. Q&A
Dates to be announced.