Introduction to Public Procurement

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Learning Outcomes

This course will explain the entire public procurement process including:
• The basics of, and rationale behind, the regulated public procurement process in the UK;
• What to consider when engaging the marketplace;
• The different procurement procedures, their timescales and the situations they’re best suited to;
• The roles of the selection and award stages within the public procurement process; and,
• The basics of evaluation and standstill.



Introduction to Public Procurement is specifically designed for buyers and suppliers, providing a full overview of how the public procurement process works.

For buyers, understanding the structure of public procurement and the public sector can greatly improve their ability to make the most of the opportunities the rules offer, which can lead to;

  • budget savings
  • time efficient outcomes
  • better products and services
  • an understanding of what the market can offer
  • a reduction in making the same mistakes as previously

For suppliers, the course provides a greater understanding of the public sector all delivers the knowledge needed to submit the best tenders possible including;

  • what the public sector can offer your company
  • how to find contract opportunities
  • what the rules, the timescales and thresholds are
  • what you need to have in place to submit tenders