Delivering Effective Market Engagement
Price: £195.00 (ex VAT)

Market engagement underpins effective public procurement. Understanding which suppliers exist, what they offer and how they can support your requirements is key – but how and when do you engage with them, what approaches are most effective and how do you ensure that what you are doing is fair and compliant?

While market engagement is not new, the Procurement Act 2023 is underscoring the role it is expected to play in future. Furthermore, changes in procurement processes – allied to the availability of better supplier data – will enable buyers to become expert at this approach.

This course is designed to help you engage effectively with suppliers and internal stakeholders to gain better value for your procurement spend.

The focus is on engaging with suppliers, rather than just negotiating with or managing them.  We look at how to understand their drivers as well as their products and services, and to understand how local, national and international markets can help to drive innovation and value for money.

The course will also include case study examples of where market engagement has been done well and the benefits that have arisen as a result.

What is market engagement?

  • Where and when can it be most effective?
  • Market knowledge and engagement
  • Buyer days, meet the buyer events and other approaches
  • Data and other online resources
  • How best to communicate with suppliers

Where does it fit in the PCR 2015 and the Procurement Act 2023?

  • What are the main differences?
  • What processes can I use to engage the market?

What are the challenges?

  • Local businesses and national/international providers
  • Fairness and record keeping
  • Ensuring compliance
  • Managing supplier expectations

How will I find the time?

  • Managing the engagement
  • Developing market knowledge

What are the benefits?

  • Local economic activity
  • Identifying innovative services and solutions
  • Public profile and reputation
  • Increased competition

How can I demonstrate value for money?

  • Measuring innovation
  • Measuring value for money
  • Timescales for success
  • Local economic impact


Dates to be announced.