Effective Contract and Supplier Management
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This course is designed to help you to develop and improve your skills in effectively managing contracts and suppliers.  The two elements are related but subtly different, and both require people to work in concert across the organisation to achieve results.

It has been recognised that in many organisations, not just those in the public sector, the handover from procurement to contract management and supplier management is an area of risk where value can be lost and opportunities missed.

The approach taken in this course is to show how you can anticipate potential problems, and coordinate activities within the organisation to make sure that you achieve best value from every supplier on every contract.

This course will include:

The Difference between Procurement, Contract Management and Supplier Management

  1. Starting at the beginning ‒ the requirement
  2. Team working and collaboration

Contract Management

  1. Contracts under the PCR 2015 and Procurement Act 2023
  2. Contractual obligations and remedies
  3. Variations and changes
  4. External factors

Supplier Management

  1. Matching up with Key Account Managers
  2. Understanding and developing the right relationship
  3. The supplier’s point of view
  4. Dealing with conflict
  5. Dealing with internal conflict

Linking Contract Management and Supplier Management

  1. What are the overlaps?
  2. Where are the challenges?
  3. Dealing with different priorities
  4. Action planning for improvement
12 Sep, 2024
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