Introduction to Health Procurement
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Our Introduction to Health Procurement training is designed to provide a full overview of how the public procurement process is structured.

Understanding the structure of health procurement and the dual set of regulations you need to follow will improve your ability to make compliant procurement decisions that maximise the benefits you can achieve through your procurement.

This course looks across both the Public Contracts Regulations 2015 and the Provider Selection Regime, covering all of the key stages of the procurement cycle, from planning and market engagement to selection and tender, we take a high-level look at the processes, with clear and concise explanations about the procedures, timescales and thresholds you need to follow, depending on the procurement you are managing.

We also consider how to use your procurement to address key criteria in health care such as reducing inequality and facilitating choice, as well as sustainability and social value.

Whether new to procurement or simply needing a refresher, Introduction to Health Procurement will deliver the overview you require and will make sure you understand which regulations to use when and how to maintain compliance throughout the procurement process.

This is an unprecedented time of change for health procurement. There is the new Provider Selection Regime and the new Procurement Act implementation on the horizon. Clear and simple guidance is needed to make sure you are working within the correct regulations and understand their requirements.

Introduction to Health Procurement will equip you with the tools you need to do your job effectively.

Learn how to:

  • Comprehend the basics of both PSR and PCR2015
  • Understand the various procurement procedures and publication requirements of each
  • Understand the Selection and Award requirements for each
  • Understand the basics of evaluation and the standstill process for each

Learn how procurement should be done and;

  • don’t run the risk of time and resources being wasted
  • reduce the risk of challenge through compliance
  • become a valuable asset to your organisation
  • develop confidence in applying the new regulations in practice

Introduction to Health Procurement could be the start of your journey into health procurement, or it could be the timely overview of how to implement the Provider Selection Regime that you need.

Learning Outcomes

What you will learn on this course is how your procurement exercises SHOULD be done.  You will learn;

  • The breadth of the public procurement marketplace
  • The rationale behind the procurement processes
  • The processes, procedures and regulations
  • The importance of stakeholder engagement in successful procurement exercises
  • How to enhance efficiency of public sector purchasing activities.
  • How to apply sustainability and social value into your procurement

Start your journey to becoming an expert in your field.

AM 1 Public Contract Regulations 2015

  • Key concepts (E.g. categories, thresholds)
  • Non-Regulated Procurements
  • Procedures for regulated procurements
  • Frameworks and DPSs
  • Selection Stage
  • Award Stage
  • Standstill and Feedback
  • Modifying and terminating contracts


AM 2 Provider Selection Regime 

  • Background and rationale
  • Procedures
  • Selection Stage
  • Award stage and the Key Criteria
  • Standstill and Feedback
  • Modifying and terminating contracts


PM  Best Procurement Practice across PCR2015 and PSR

  • Pre-Market engagement
  • Stakeholder management (internal and external)
  • Sustainability and Social Value
  • Evaluation strategy
06 Sep, 2024
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