Understanding Sustainability in Public Contracts
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This course is designed to provide a robust understanding of sustainability in public procurement and a practical overview of how to successfully integrate this into public procurement exercises.

When it comes to sustainability in public procurement, one size does not fit all and not all procurement exercises are appropriate for the application of sustainability.

However, the consideration of sustainability, and more specifically its social, economic and environmental aspects, should be considered at the outset of every procurement. The information and checklists contained in this course will enhance your ability to apply sustainability where it is possible and beneficial to do so.

This course will include:

What is Sustainability?

  1. What is sustainability in the context of public procurement?
  2. What challenges are there to achieving these socio-economic and environmental benefits?
  3. What (if any) are your organisation’s sustainable objectives and what influences these?

When and Where Should Sustainability be Considered?

  1. When should you start to consider sustainability in your procurement exercises?
  2. Where should sustainability be considered in the procurement process?
  3. How should we assess our requirements?
  4. What can we apply sustainability to?
  5. How can sustainability be factored into specifications?
  6. How can the selection stage be used to apply sustainability?
  7. How can the award stage be used to apply sustainability?

Market Engagement

  1. Should we engage the market when trying to determine our procurement strategy?
  2. While procurers by default should always consider sustainability, should contract value have an impact on the application of sustainability?
  3. How should risks and opportunities be considered during the delivery of a contract?
  4. How should resources and effort be directed?

What Do Good Responses Look Like?

  1. So what does a good response look like?

Sustainability as a Condition of Contract

  1. Conditions of contract
  2. How can Contract Management be used to apply sustainability?
  3. Can and should we measure success?
  4. Should we use a financial measurement of sustainability?

What Legislation is There?

  1. What legislation relates to sustainable procurement?
  2. What UK policy and guidance is there for buyers?
  3. What other sustainable procurement guidance is there?
  4. Sustainable Procurement using the Government Buying Standards (GBS)
  5. Social value implementation and measurement project case studies

Final Thoughts

  1. How difficult is it to apply sustainability to public procurement?
  2. So, are socio-economic and environmental value achievable in public procurement?
  3. How can contracting authorities make a difference?

There’s more pressure than ever before on buyers to incorporate sustainability into their procurements and for suppliers to weave sustainability into their bids.

To achieve this, it’s vital that all stakeholder groups understand what sustainability is in a public sector context, where it can be applied, and how both buyers and suppliers can benefit from the appropriate and proportionate application of sustainability.

With no two procurement exercises the same this course will explain sustainability in a way that allows buyers to apply the lessons learned here to any of their procurement exercises in a way that engages the marketplace and that elicits strong sustainable responses from suppliers.

This course is ideal for:

  • Procurement Officers
  • Suppliers
  • Commercial Personnel
  • Contract Managers
  • Legal and Finance
  • Project Managers
  • Other Stakeholders

The Morning session commences at 09:30 with a comfort break at 11:00 for 20 minutes. Training breaks again for lunch at 12:45, resuming for the Afternoon session at 13:25. The training day ends at approximately 15:00.  All timings are approximate and will depend on delegate questions and interaction.

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