Our PASS consultants can assist you with just about any aspect of the procurement cycle, from the very start of the tender process to award and from strategic decisions to delivery of programmes.

Sometimes having an independent review of your processes and strategies can deliver new ideas and help reinvigorate the organisation in how it moves forward.

PASS can help you by reviewing your current structures and assisting you in driving change, by:

  • Identifying practical solutions to improve performance
  • Implementing EU-compliant processes
  • Driving continuous improvement
  • Challenging poor performance
  • Applying sustainable development requirements
  • Identifying innovative approaches to knowledge transfer
  • Improving performance indicators and service levels
  • Benchmarking existing contracts
  • Implementing change management principles
  • …and much more

Whatever you would like PASS to review, we would be happy to assist you to deliver the outcomes you seek.

Contact us today to discuss your requirements on a confidential, without-commitment basis and, if you wish, provide you with a no-obligation fully costed proposal.

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