Developing Commercial Skills for Buyers
Price: £195.00 (ex VAT)

This course is designed to help buyers improve their commercial skills to be better able to work with suppliers and colleagues to create value.

Understanding the commercial environment will help you to navigate through the challenges and opportunities and to anticipate rather than react to changing situations.

Knowing what is of value to suppliers and how to be a valued and intelligent client will help you to operate within budgets and use the market to deliver best value for your organisation.

This course will include:

Differences between the public and private sector

  1. Attitudes and approaches
  2. Legal constraints
  3. Experience and process

The commercial imperative

  1. Markets and competition
  2. Profit and profitability

The supplier’s point of view

  1. Being a customer of choice.
  2. Supplier motivators
  3. The value of the public sector – safe or sorry
  4. Timescales and targets


  1. Needs/wants/Likes
  2. BATNA and walkaway positions
  3. Common tactics and ploys

Creating win/win propositions

  1. What is in it for me?
  2. Is there really such a thing as win/win?

Dealing with conflict

  1. Causes of conflict
  2. Real or ploy?
  3. External and internal drivers

Dealing with ploys

  1. Creating a good working environment with suppliers
  2. Game theory and the prisoner’s dilemma

Action planning for the future.

Dates to be announced.