Tackling Procurement Fraud
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Procurement fraud is an issue that has long existed in public procurement, however, identifying fraud isn’t easy.

Estimates of fraud vary widely, however the Government Counter Fraud Function estimates that fraud costs the government an estimated £33 billion to £55 billion every year, albeit this is across a wide range of areas including procurement, taxation and benefits.

A 2023 National Audit Office report highlighted fraud across the public sector, including within the procurement cycle.

This PASS course identifies the areas where organisations need to be aware, considers the challenges in tackling procurement fraud and identifies the key aspects of investigating fraud.


  • Bribery
  • Procurement Fraud
  • Red Flags
  • Challenges in Tackling Procurement Fraud
  • Tackling Procurement Fraud
  • The Investigative Framework
  • Investigating Procurement
  • Fraud Analytics
  • What are the options?
  • Reducing the Risk

Learning Outcomes

You will learn on this course how to protect your procurement from fraudulent activity and ensure you remain compliant.  This will include:

  • A clear understanding of the different stages of procurement where fraud can occur
  • The difficulties in identifying procurement fraud
  • Who should be involved in investigating fraud
  • The use of analytics in tackling fraud
  • How to manage and reduce risk

You will be able to:

  • Understand where fraud is most prevalent
  • Develop a structure to undertake fraud investigation
  • Actively reduce the risk of fraud occurring
  • Contribute to building a counter fraud culture in your organisation

There are various Red Flags that crop up in relation to procurement fraud, however, if you encounter one, it important to remember that this does not immediately mean fraud has been committed.

You will learn, on this course, what the common Red Flags to procurement fraud are and when to look out for them

  • Could there be a Rigged Specification?
  • How can you tell if there may be Collusive Bidding?
  • Are there any apparent Conflicts of Interest?
  • Have any bids been manipulated?
  • Do split purchases make sense?

This course is essential for

  • Anyone involved in public procurement or commissioning
    • Procurement
    • Finance
    • Commissioners
    • Audit
    • Legal
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