Understanding Frameworks/DPS
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With an increasing number and value of public sector contracts being let via frameworks and Dynamic Purchasing Systems (DPS), it is essential that both buyers and suppliers understand what they are and how they work.

This course is designed to provide a clear understanding of how frameworks and DPSs (including pseudo-DPSs) are used in public sector procurement.

The design, set up, and management of frameworks and DPSs can be difficult to understand both for buyers and suppliers. There are many variations on how they are set up and operate in practice, and this is due to change further with the new Procurement Bill.


This course will include:

What is a framework?

  1. Current legislation defining frameworks
  2. How to set up a framework
  3. Call off methods
  4. Pros and Cons of frameworks for buyers and suppliers
  5. How frameworks and DPS differ
  6. Framework awards – including without direct award without competition

What is a DPS and a pseudo DPS?

  1. Current legislation defining DPSs
  2. Differences between a framework and a DPS
  3. Defining pseudo-DPSs
  4. Pros and Cons of DPSs for buyers and suppliers

Market Engagement and design

  1. Determining the right approach in collaboration
  2. Key factors to consider in setting up a framework or DPS
  3. Ensuring the scope is wide enough
  4. Building in flexibility

Making frameworks and DPSs successful

  1. Proactive marketing – both for buyers and suppliers
  2. Understanding terms
  3. Critical communication
  4. Existing frameworks and DPS and accessing them
  5. How buyers and suppliers can identify expiring and upcoming frameworks and DPS

What changes will the Procurement Bill bring?

  1. Changes to pre-engagement activity
  2. Changes to the terms of frameworks and DPSs
  3. New dynamic markets


This course will provide buyers and suppliers alike a practical understanding how to design an effective framework/DPS, how to navigate the tendering process successfully,  how to manage the framework/DPS in the long term, and what frameworks/DPSs are currently active.

Dates to be announced.