Understanding Social Value in Public Contracts
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This course is designed to provide a robust understanding of social value in public procurement and a practical overview of how to successfully integrate this into public procurement exercises. It is open to buyers for and suppliers to public bodies.

Social value has long been an important consideration in public procurement – however, it is now even more of a focus and will become even more so through Procurement Reform. It is important that all stakeholders understand what social value is, how it can be delivered and the mechanisms for measuring and managing actual benefit. Considering social value as early as possible (ideally when your requirement is still in the pre-procurement / development phase) is an increasingly crucial part of the overall process.

This course provides a strong foundation into the concept and applicability of social value and how buyers and suppliers should integrate into their approaches. Whether you are new to public procurement or a seasoned campaigner, this course will help you understand the principles of social value and help you to manage and deliver it successfully.

This course will include:

What is Social Value?

  1. What is social value in the context of public procurement?
  2. What challenges are there to achieving social value benefits?
  3. What (if any) are your organisation’s social value objectives and what influences these?

When and Where Should Social Value be Considered?

  1. When should buyers start to consider social value in their procurement exercises?
  2. How should suppliers assess and present their social value offering?
  3. What can social value be applied to?
  4. How can social value be factored into specifications?
  5. How can the selection stage be used to apply social value?
  6. How can the award stage be used to apply social value?

Market Engagement

  1. How should buyers engage the market when trying to determine their procurement strategy?
  2. While procurers by default should always consider social value, should contract value have an impact on the application of it?
  3. How can suppliers effectively promote their social value credentials?


What Do Good Responses Look Like?

  1. What does a good tender response look like in the context of social value?
  2. How can suppliers demonstrate social value in practical terms?
  3. How can social value be applied proportionately and fairly?

Social Value as a Condition of Contract

  1. Conditions of contract
  2. How can Contract Management be used to apply social value
  3. How can social value be quantified and measured?
  4. Should we use a financial measurement of social value?

What Legislation is There?

  1. What legislation relates to social value?
  2. What UK policy and guidance is there for buyers?
  3. Social value implementation and measurement project case studies

Final Thoughts

  1. What does the future hold for social value and how should buyers and }
    suppliers prepare?
  2. How difficult is it to apply social value to public procurement?
  3. How can contracting authorities make a difference?

Social value is not new – but it is rising in prominence and becoming a critical element of tender specifications and evaluation.

It’s vital that all stakeholders understand what social value is in a public sector context, where it can be applied, and how buyers, suppliers and society itself can benefit from its appropriate and proportionate application.

With no two procurement exercises the same this CPD accredited course will explain social value in a way that allows buyers to apply the lessons learned here to any of their procurement exercises – and suppliers to understand what buyers are looking for and how they measure and manage social value in reality.

This course is ideal for:

  • Procurement staff
  • Suppliers – Bid Managers
  • Commercial staff
  • Contract Managers
  • Legal and Finance
  • Project Managers
  • Other Stakeholders
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