Bid Review

PASS Bid Review offers you the opportunity to engage an experienced PASS Consultant to visit your office and undertake a detailed analysis of past submissions and supporting documentation, whether at the selection stage or at the tender stage, and review your planning methodologies, policies and financials in order to evaluate your capacity to create successful and fully compliant bids.

PASS Bid Review is specifically designed to help companies with previous experience to become more successful.

Your PASS consultant will review a wide range of material, including:

  • Past submissions – both successful and unsuccessful
  • Success levels
  • Added Value
  • Past scoring achieved (where available)
  • Standard policies
  • References and experience
  • Knowledge levels
  • Risk issues
  • Training needs
  • Document library
  • Staff profiles and turnover

PASS Bid Review is available as either a one- or two-day consultancy.

Your PASS consultant can visit you onsite for a one-day consultancy to review a wide scope of data and at the end of the day will deliver a verbal report with suggestions as to ways in which you may better position your organisation to work with the public sector.

If you choose a two-day consultancy, your PASS consultant will spend the first day reviewing your documentation, either onsite or offsite, and the second day producing a written report that will detail everything identified in the investigation and will make specific suggestions for improving your future success.

Contact us today to discuss your requirements on a confidential, without-commitment basis and, if you wish, we will provide you with a no-obligation fully costed proposal.

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