Contract Management

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Learning Outcomes

This course explains how contracts SHOULD be managed and the benefits that can be achieved, by understanding:
• The benefits of transparent supplier management structures for the governance of projects;
• The importance of a robust change management process;
• How to retain more control in contracts;
• What quality measures may be applied, to ensure contracts deliver all stated outcomes; and,
• Importantly how to develop an Exit Strategy.



Contract Management is the hub on which change, risk, project management, demand changes and category management all rest.

It is supported by good robust Supplier Relationship Management and it covers the full life-cycle of a contract.

If you don’t manage your contracts none of the above processes will work properly.  Procurement teams and Contract management teams must understand exactly what you are getting from your contract and suppliers.

Good Contract Management will benefit you in

  • Building relationships with your suppliers
  • Delivering outcomes for service and products users
  • Leading you to long term efficiency savings

It is critical to understand the life-cycle of the contract and it is never a bad time in the life cycle of a contract to implement Contract Management.